“A Race to the Top”

Responsible Gaming Strategy

Oct 5, 2021

Over the past several years, I’ve seen more and more discussion coming from gaming operators and trade groups about creating “a race to the top” on topics such as problem gambling, responsible gaming, advertising standards, and sustainability. As the talking point gains more widespread acceptance and support, attention will need to shift from “What should we do?” to “How should we do it?”

Two Paths

One key element that I foresee splitting the current kumbaya vibe is whether operators should work together or separately on these areas. Should they align in tackling these issues as a whole or make this a competitive endeavor?

Judging the current temperature based on comments made at today’s Sustainable Gambling Conference hosted by Kindred, it would seem that most key industry players believe a shared approach to be best.

However, I’m not convinced this is the best approach as few things drive innovation and investment like healthy competition. I’ve long believed there is an opportunity for brands to separate themselves from their competitors on safety and sustainability much in the way we have seen from other industries. Someone can become the Volvo of Gaming, but only if it becomes a competitive pursuit.

And hey…today’s event was put on by KINDRED, not the unified industry as a whole. Just sayin’!

Is there a place to work together? Of course! Anonymous data sharing to researchers seems like a great place to start.

However, a little competition goes a long way!

If you still aren’t convinced, consider that “the industry” will continue to be judged as a whole and too often by the worst actors should this unified approach stick.

Now that doesn’t seem like a strategy to bet on!

Jamie combined his professional background as a brand strategist with his experience as a former problem gambler to create dyve. He is also host of The After Gambling Podcast.

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