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Jumpstart Package

Need a little help, but not sure where to start? The Jumpstart Package is for you!


Session 1: 30k Foot View

Initial run through modules 2-6 with the goal of quickly identifying key areas.

Session 2: Desired Future State

What is the goal or North Star? What does success look and feel like? How can it be measured?

Session 3: Current State

Now knowing where you are going, we need to establish where you are currently.

Session 4: Known Obstacles

Identification of known weaknesses or threats that would prevent getting to the desired future state.

Session 5: Known Advantages

Identification of strengths or opportunities that will aid in getting to the desired future state.

Session 6: Roadmap to Success

Capturing the key milestones and placing them in the correct order. This is the work to be done.

Session 7: Wrap-Up/Q&A

Open discussion on the work we have done and the work ahead.


Upon completion of Jumpstart, you and your team will have the following:

  • Roadmap with key milestones/work to be done
  • Executive Summary on your current responsible gaming efforts
  • SWOT analysis to assist in future project planning and development
  • A better understanding of the responsible gaming & problem gambling landscape
  • A better understanding of key stakeholders in responsible gaming
  • Identification of KPIs to begin tracking your progress
  • Recordings of the seven sessions to review and use in future work


Not the right fit? No problem!

If you are not seeing the value in our work together during Jumpstart, just let us know and we will issue a full refund.


What is the length of each session?

We will discuss the best length for your team during the planning session. but most sessions are scheduled for 40-60 minutes.

Who should attend the sessions?

Plan to include key internal stakeholders from responsible gaming, compliance, marketing, and customer service.

Are the sessions done during a single day or across multiple days/weeks?

It is highly suggested to complete the sessions within a 1-3 day window as the conversations will flow from one session to the next.

How are the sessions delivered?

We can deliver the sessions online via conferencing software or onsite. Note that in-person delivery will require an additional travel fee.

Need immediate feedback?

Working on a project and need advice or feedback? Use the link below to schedule a time slot.