Review & Strategy Program


Most engagements are delivered through Jumpstart—a highly interactive, fast-paced, and in-depth review & strategy program for responsible gambling efforts.

Upon completion, your team will have deeper insight and fresh ideas to use in creating and delivering more impactful and effective responsible gambling programs, systems, campaigns, and research.


To evaluate the organization’s current responsible gambling and/or harm-reduction efforts including strategy, vision, positioning, messaging, and effectiveness.


A series of in-depth discussions designed to address key components which impact performance so they can be quickly addressed.


Assessment of current responsible gambling efforts (executive summary, gap analysis, SWOT analysis) as well as suggested next actions.



  • (4) 3 Hour Sessions
  • Executive summary of key findings
  • SWOT & GAP analysis
  • Recommendations


  • Current RG content, messaging & delivery
  • Ways to evaluate RG effectiveness
  • RG vision & goals
  • Understanding gambling addiction
  • Organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats
  • Understanding & engaging key external stakeholders
  • Internal stakeholder interviews & surveys

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a quick call to discuss how Jumpstart can assist your organization.


Do you work with ...?

Jumpstart is perfect for:

  • gaming operators
  • lotteries
  • trade groups/associations
  • prevention advocate groups
  • legislators & regulators
  • lobbyists
  • education delivery teams
  • research teams
  • sports leagues & teams
  • advertising agencies

… and other stakeholders focused on encouraging responsible gambling and/or reducing the incidence of gambling-related harms.


Is Jumpstart a One-Time Program

No. Jumpstart is an agile framework that can be used again and again. Each round of Jumpstart will improve upon past work to deliver better results in less time and with fewer headaches.

How much does Jumpstart cost?

Our minimum level of engagement starts at $30k in billable services per year. Please schedule a call so we can better explore your needs & assist in deciding if Jumpstart and our consultancy services are a fit for your organization. 

How is Jumpstart delivered?

Most engagements are delivered online. In addition to standard video, we use interactive meeting software to allow your team to stay engaged and capture key ideas and opportunities. In-person delivery with interactive software is also available.